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When looking for nightlife in a new city it’s best to find the districts where the action is. Below are some of the spots where you can find something on almost any night of the week. We mention a few of the popular bars, but realize everyone has their own tastes. So we recommend finding these areas and then making a choice which appeals to you!

Alfalfa: nightlife activity in the heart of the city center starts with the area around Plaza Alfalfa, most notably on Calle Perez Galdos and several surrounding streets. A collection of smaller bars attracts a lively mix of Spaniards and visitors with the activity beginning close to midnight. Popular spots include el Cabo Loco, Sopa de Ganso and Berlin, which stays open until the early morning hours. Just down the street on Calle Siete Revueltas is El Mundo, with live flamenco on Thursday nights, and a mixed crowd.

Calle Betis: along the water front in Triana, Calle Betis is famous in Seville for it’s offering of nightlife. Many larger bars line the waterfront offering views of the city center, where younger groups gather. Boss, one of Seville’s largest discotecas, is a popular spot for the after hours crowd. Lo Nuestro is well known for it’s nightly flamenco music performances. Calle Betis is especially popular in the summer and warmer months for those looking to cool off by the river. It’s best to walk down the street and choose from the large number of bars.

Alameda: the center of the alternative scene in Seville lies just 5 minutes from the Plaza del Duque in the large open plaza of Alameda de Hercules. It’s common to find as many people outside in the plaza as it is inside the large selection of bars lining the plaza. Live music in some bars, and at times outside in the plaza, can often be found on any given night. Just a few blocks off the main plaza is Café Hercules, a popular hang out for local artists and performers.

River/Terrazas: During the summer months the river and the parks are the most popular spots for nightlife. Locals and tourists alike flock to these cooler spots in the city to enjoy the outdoor patios of several bars. Just next to the Torre del Oro along the river banks there is plenty of seating around a kiosk style bar for a relaxing late afternoon drink. A kilometer away at the Triana Bridge is Capote, another outdoor bar with views of the river and bridge, which gets moving later in the night. Several bars along the Paseo de la O in Triana, (opposite Calle Betis) are also popular nightlife spots. Finally the area bordering the Maria Luisa Park there are several bars which are popular in the summer such as El Bilindo and Chile.

Viapol: just a short walk (or quick taxi ride) from the city center in the more modern quarter of Seville lies the area of Viapol, named for the large government building complex bordering La Buhaira neighborhood. A young crowd often starts at O’Neill’s Pub, one of Seville’s largest Irish Pubs, and then later moves to such nightlife spots as Wall Street and Voulez-Bar. There are several discotecas in La Buhaira on the way back to the city center and Puerta Carmona.

Arenal/Cathedral: Starting around the Cathedral on Calle Argote de Molina is a small collection of bars offering copas, or mixed drinks. From Flaherty’s, one of Seville’s most touristy Irish bars which caters to English speakers, to Antiguedades, where the walls and ceilings are decorated with interesting local art. Crossing over to Arenal, between the Cathedral and the river, there are several bars along Calle Adriano and the surrounding streets. Nu Yor offers mojitos and Cuban music for an older crowd, while Elefunk features sevilla5’s own DJ Thorsten on some nights.

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