(17) Macarena
c/ Bécquer 1, Sevilla.
  95 437 01 95.
  Mon-Sun 9:00-13:00 + 17:00-21:00.
  No Admission charge (Museum: 4€).
Photos:    Macarena basilica
 Virgen de la Esperanza Macarena
 Entrance Gate
 Defensive Walls

Macarena basilica is a modern church, built between 1936 and 1941 by architect Gómez Millán in Neo-Baroque style.

It is located near the  Puerta de la Macarena , which was the entrance of the  Defensive Walls to the Macarena quarter of Seville.

The church gets its importance to Seville from the  Virgen de la Esperanza Macarena sculpture (attributed to La Roldana end of the 17th century), which stands in the center of Sevillian Marian worship.
Get an idea of this Virgin cult in the church's museum, where her jewels and Semana Santa floats are displayed.

Continue the tour to the church, which gives its name to the main street in Macarena quarter: (18) San Luis

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