(7) Maestranza Bullring
Paseo de Christobal Colon 12, Sevilla.
  95 422 45 77.
  Mon-Sun 9:30-14:00 + 15:00-19:00.
Photos:    View from Triana
 Puerta del Principe

The Maestranza Bullring of Seville, dating from 1761 to 1881, has a Baroque façade in white and ochre. The tendidos altos (high seats) are covered by a roof which is supported by arcs on marble columns.
The Maestranza bullring of Seville is regarded, together with Las Ventas in Madrid, as one of the top venues for bullfighting in Spain, accomodating as many as 12,500 spectators.

The eastern entrance to the building is the  Puerta del Principe, through which only the most successfull toreros are allowed to leave the  Arena.

The less lucky ones end in the bullring's own surgery room, which is located next door to the  Museum. The latter details the history of the bullfight in Seville. Amongst its collections of costumes, portraits and posters, is a purple cape painted by Picasso.

The bullfight season starts with the April feria and continues intermittently until October. Most corridas are held on Sunday evenings. Tickets can be bought from the taquilla (booking office) at the bullring itself.

The bullring is also the place where, in the drama of Merimée and later, opera of Bizet, Carmen is stabbed to death by its ex-lover Don José. Why? Because she met and fell in love with ... at the (8) Tobacco Factory.

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