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We leave the hotel and take a right, leading us to El Rinconcillo just 30 meters away. El Rinconcillo is Seville's oldest tavern, founded in 1670.

Inside El Rinconcillo we find one of the specialties being prepared: jamón serrano is being carefully cut into thin slices.

The finished product is served with a glass of wine.

Just next door to El Rinconcillo is the Santa Catalina church.

Inside the Santa Catalina church. The church is currently closed and will be completely restored.

We take a walk around the church with a view from the side of Juan de Mesa street. The church was formerly a mosque, as we can see from the windows in the church tower (formerly the minaret of the mosque)

The same tower from the back, in Plaza Ponce de Leon.

In July the Plaza Ponce de Leon holds the neighborhood summer fiesta: the Velá de Santa Catalina.

Making our way back around the church we find El Tremendo, a very small bar which serves beer, wine and snacks. People of all ages spill into the pedestrian street in what is one of Seville's most popular "cervecerias".

A block from El Tremendo is Rayas. Ask any sevillano about the best ice cream in the city and they will point you to Rayas.

A few meters more and we find the San Pedro church. Just behind the church is a convent selling many popular sweets prepared by nuns.

Inside the San Pedro church.

Finally just across the street from the San Pedro church is Plaza Cristo de Burgos. Recently renovated, there is a small playground for children, palm trees and and many large magnolia trees which shade most of the plaza. This is a popular place to enjoy your ice cream from Rayas.

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