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Hotel Casa Romana is located in the historic and commerical center of Seville. The Hotel is situated on calle Trajano, which connects the Plaza del Duque with the Alameda.

Just a few doors away from the Hotel is Ciber Ducke, an internet cafe.

On the corner opposite the internet cafe is Lizarran, a tapas bar from the north of Spain. In Lizarran you can choose from many different kinds of tapas, or "pintxos". The bar is self-service and a good place to start the evening.

Just a few meters towards the Plaza del Duque is a cafeteria, a good choice for breakfast or an afternoon coffee and pastry.

Two minutes from the cafeteria is Plaza de la Gavidia. There are a number of restaurants and tapas bars in the plaza, as well as a jazz bar for live music on the weekends.

The Plaza del Duque is also the location of the El Corte Inglés, a large department store with a supermarket in the commercial district.

La Campana is where the two main pedestrian shopping streets of Sierpes and Tetuan begin.

On the other end of calle Trajano we find two roman columns which mark the entrance to the Alameda, a large open plaza with many restaurants and lively nightlife on the weekends.

An outdoor bar/restaurant in the Alameda.

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