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Hotel Alminar is located on a pedestrian street in a very central location. If we take a left after exiting the hotel we find Plaza Salvador within a 2 minute walk.

To our right sits the Iglesia El Salvador, recently reopened after 5 years of restoration work. This is Seville's largest church behind the Cathedral.

Inside the church we see the impressive restoration work.

We leave the church and walk for less than one minute, arriving at Plaza San Francisco. To our left we see the Giralda.

We continue straight for thirty seconds more, passing the tourist office, and arriving in Plaza Nueva where there are many bicycle's to rent. Seville has added a large network of bicycle paths, with automated rental stands in many parts of the city.

This time, however, we will choose another new form of transportation: the tranvia, or tram. The new line starts in Plaza Nueva, just a few minutes from the hotel.

Inside the tranvia. The fare is about a Euro, less if you use the bonubus pass.

Now on the tram, we look to our left and pass by Plaza San Francisco again. We are following Avenida Constitución.

Again to our left we see the end of the Cathedral as we pass by the Archivo de Indias and Correos. We can take the tranvia to the University and the Prado de San Sebastian. From the last stop the Parque Maria Luisa is just a few minutes, as is on the the cities regional bus stations. But we will get off now and go back to the hotel!

This time we ext the hotel and take a right. Within a few steps we arrive at Calle Argote de Molina. Here there are several outdoor cafes, including Restaurante Robles and Robles Tapas.

If we turn around we see the Cathedral just over on the of walls surrounding the Patio de Naranjos.

Just around the corner we find the Puerta del Perdon, which offers a view of the Giralda and Cathedral. We are less than one minute form the hotel.

We make our way around the Cathedral for a glimpse upwards at the Giralda. About two minutes away to our left is the entrance to the Alcazar.

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