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A Guided Tour through
Triana neigborhood

Seville, 8 November 2006

We accompany David Cox from
on a tour through the Triana neigborhood.

Meeting point is Hotel Alfonso XIII. Clients are Elizabeth Richards and Susan Cornwallis from Manchester, old friends who decided to get together for a weekend in Seville, and who wanted to see the authentic side of the city. They found us through the internet. Ismael Mechbal is the guide, a tourism student in work experience with the company. David Cox is the Managing Director, who was on the tour for training purposes and making sure the level of customer service provided is the best.

The Alfonso used to be the best hotel in Europe, built for the 1929 Expo. Famous guests included Orson Welles, Audrey Hepburn, Eva Gardner...

Over the bridge to the neigborhood of Triana. Dave is explaining the current situation of the construction works for the metro. The tunnel is passing right here, below the river, towards the center.

Rodrigo de Triana.

Smelling the azahar which is the flower of the orange tree.

Capilla de los Marineros, the church associated with the famous brotherhood, Esperanza de Triana.

No, not imitating the horns of a bull. - Ismael is talking about the head cover of the costaleros, the people who are carring the Semana Santa floats. Esperanza de Triana is one of the most important brotherhoods, with a huge membership.

Inside the church.

This church is also the property of a brotherhood. It is connected to their souvenir shop, where you can buy...

There do exist conflicts between the brotherhoods, who, eg., control the folcloristic events as the Semana Santa, and the official catholic church, represented by the bishop of Seville.

Back on the street. We continue on calle Pureza, where Dave knows a workshop for...

Cleaning and maintenance of sculptures made out of wood.

These angels and their parts are made of plaster.

On calle Betis which goes along the river. From here you have a nice view on the historical center, with Cathedral, bullring, etc.

We finish our report in a cafeteria at Plaza del Altozano. We need the rest after the first two hours of the tour. Afterwards, the group continued on, learning about the Spanish Inquisition, ceramics, flamenco...

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att: David Cox
Mobile: 34 645 350 750

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