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Seville by bike

Seville, 19 October 2005

We spend a morning riding bikes with Carlos Amarillo, owner of Rentabikesevilla offers daily or weekly rentals of bikes in the city, including free delivery.

Carlos of Rentabikesevilla is waiting for us at the Puerta de Jerez. He has brought three of his foldable bikes by car.

Setting up the bikes. You can see the doubts on Jeff's face.

The bikes are brand new. Carlos explains that they are of high quality, from one of the leading manufacturers of foldable bikes.

The tour begins. Our first stop is the Cathedral, where we get the attention of the gypsy women, who usually try to sell their palm reading services to the tourists.

Another interested onlooker, who perhaps senses some competition.

The second stop is Belmonte bar in Mateos Gago street. The bikes do not fit between the cars on our way to the sidewalk, but thankfully are light enough to lift.

We chain the bikes in front of the bar.

Time for a quick Café con leche, while chatting with Carlos about the different cycling tours he is offering.

Another quick stop for the obligatory Giralda photo.

On our way down to the river we are stopped by a man asking where to buy such bikes...

The road along the river is ideal for cycling, as there are no cars. You have nice views of the Triana bridge as well other, more recent bridges built for the World Exposition in 1992.

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