(13) Hospital de la Caridad
c/ Temprado 3, Sevilla.
  95 422 32 32.
  Mon-Sat 9:00-13:30 + 15:30-18:30; Sun 9:00-13:00.
  4€; Sunday free entrance for Spanish nationals.
Photos:    Hospital de la Caridad
 San Jorge church
 Valdés Leal painting: In Ictu Oculi

The Hospital de la Caridad of Seville was built in the 17th century. It is organised around a double  Patio divided by arches.

The façade of the hospital's San Jorge church provides an outstanding example of Sevillian Baroque. See the front gates and the bell fry, both of the 17th century. The hospital´s façade was designed by Leonardo de Figueroa. Its tiles were produced in Seville´s Triana quarter according to drawings of Murillo.

The church´s  Interior is richly decorated with famous artwork:
- Frescos of Valdés Leal in the ceiling of the church
- retablo mayor (1670-1674) of Bernardo Simón de Pineda with sculptures of Pedro Roldán
- paintings and a painted cross near the retablo mayor by Murillo (1671-1673)
- paintings "Finis gloriae mundi" and  "In Ictu Oculi" by Juan de Valdés Leal (1671-1672).

According to the the intentions of its founder Miguel de Mañara, the Hospital de la Caridad, which means Charity, was and is still used today as a retreat for poor and elderly people.

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