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Semana Santa

Semana Santa is the holy week before Easter day. Catholic brotherhoods (hermandades) organize the processions through the city. Each one generally consists of: El Cristo (float with image of Christ), La Virgen (float with image of the Virgin Mary), up to 3000 Nazarenos and 2 music bands.

Date: Year 2008: March 16th (Domingo de Ramos) - March 23rd (Domingo de Resurreción)
Location:Through the quarter of the respective brotherhood and on the Camino Oficial in the historical center of Seville
Schedule:  Up to 8 processions every day, with a duration of 5-13 hours each
Must See: Most spectacular day is the night from Thursday to Friday (La Madruga). We recommend seeing the processions of La Macarena and El Silencio. The first one with music and La Centuria Romana (100 Roman soldiers). The latter with only three musical instruments and a more serious atmosphere.

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Feria de Abril

The Feria de Abril has its origins in an animal market at the Prado de San Sebastian. Successively, the party after the business became more and more important and since 1920 the market has completely disappeared. Many institutions, clubs and private persons have their own tents (Casetas), which are decorated like a living-room. Members meet every night to eat, drink and dance.

Date: Year 2008: April 8th - April 13th
Location:Los Remedios (see coordinate W-7 in City Map)
Schedule:See horses and carriages parading in the late morning and people dancing Sevillanas at night
Entrance:   Most casetas are open for members only. Political parties, labour unions and other institutions provide large public casetas. However, the atmosphere is different there.

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Flamenco Festivals:
The Bienal Flamenco de Sevilla is a Flamenco festival which is held every two years in Seville. The next one in September 2008.

Flamenco Shows:
Every-day Flamenco shows you can see in commercially well organised tablaos with prices starting around 25€:
Los Gallos | Plaza de Santa Cruz, s/n | Tel: 954 216 981 - 954 228 522
Tablao El Arenal | c/ Rodo, 7 | Tel: 954 216 492
El Patio Sevillano | Paseo C. Colón, 11 A | Tel: 954 214 120

Other venues, starting at 15€
Casa Carmen del Arte Flamenco | C/ Marqués de Paradas, 30 | Tel: 954 212 889
You can see flamenco shows for free at La Carboneria bar around 23:00 hours, several days a week.

Flamenco Schools:
The Aficionados find a huge offer of Flamenco schools:
Christina Heeren | c/ Fabiola, 1 | Tel: 954 217 058
Taller Flamenco | c/ Peral 49 | Tel: 954 564 234
· Alicia Marquez | c/ Cantabria, 7 | Tel: 954 901 097
· Alicia Vega | c/ Jesús del Gran Poder, 37 | Tel: 954 383 559
· Familia Farruco | c/ Castellar, 50 | Tel: 679 792 715

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Generally the bullfighting season runs from April to October.
During Feria (April/May) all the famous bullfighters come to Seville's  Maestranza Bullring.

Ticket Sales:
Information on ticket sales at the booking office of
· Empresa Pagés | c/ Adriano, 37 | Tel: 954 501 382 | Fax: 954 501 559
Reservation per credit card is not possible. Be careful of ticket resellers with high prices.

Portal Taurino

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Music and Theatre

Teatro Central | Isla de la Cartuja, s/n. | Tel: 954 460 600 | Fax: 954 460 880
Teatro Maestranza | Paseo de Cristóbal Colón, 22 | Tel: 954 223 344
· Teatro Lope de Vega | Avda. de María Luisa, s/n | Tfnos. 954 590 853 - 954 590 854

The Teatro Maestranza is also the main venue of the
Real Orquesta Sinfónica de Sevilla | Imagen, 9, 2º | Tfno. 95 456 15 36

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We highly recommend visiting the food market of calle Feria on weekdays between 9:00-14:00 hours and the antiques/second hand market on calle Feria on a Thursday morning.

Food Markets:
· Feria | c/ Feria
· Encarnación | Plaza de la Encarnación
· Arenal | c/ Pastor y Landero
· Triana | Plaza del Altozano

Flea Markets:
· Collectables (stamps, coins, etc.) | Plaza del Cabildo | on Sunday morning
· Antiques | calle Feria | on Thursday mornings
· Crafts | Plaza del Duque and Plaza Magdalena | on Thursday, Friday and Saturday
· "Los Gitanos" | Parque Alcosa | Saturday
· Paintings and Arts | Plaza del Museo | on Sunday morning

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In Seville there are few public facilities in the center for leisure sports and activities.

Polideportivo San Pablo | Avda. Kansas City
Polideportivo Hytasa | c/ Heroes de Toledo

Polideportivo Hytasa | c/ Heroes de Toledo

Good areas along the Guadalquivir river and in the Alamillo park.

The CAR (Centro Alto Rendimiento) offers in summer (May - October) Rowing und Kayak courses on the Guadalquivir river.
Tel: 955 062 010

Football is the most popular sport in Seville. Local rivals
Real Betis Balompié S.A.D.
Sevilla Futbol Club S.A.D. and
have recently won several championships and competed in Champion's League.

Seville Marathon (generally run in February)

Real Club de Golf de Sevilla | Autovía Sevilla-Utrera, Km 3.2 | Tel: 9541 24 301

CajaSol (Seville's pro team)

Sport Federations

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Other Activities

Cruceros Torre del Oro: Boat cruise on the Guadalquivir river
Isla Mágica: Theme Park
Aerohispalis: Airplane Trips
Green Aerostation: Round Trips in Hot air balloon
Club de Paracaidismo: Parachuting courses

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