(22) Expo '92
Isla de la Cartuja s/n, Sevilla.
Photos:    South Gate to Sevilla Tecnópolis
 Industry and Services
 Pavilion of Chile
 Pavilion of America

Sevilla featured the World Exhibition of 1992, coinciding with the celebrations for the fifth centenary of the discovery of America, on the Cartuja peninsula.
On the Expo site have remained the Cartuja monastery, a technology park and the Isla Magica theme park.

Coming from Cartuja monastery, enter the technology park through the  South Gate. Sevilla Tecnópolis is an attempt of the city administration to attract  Hightech and Service Industries to the deserted lands of the Expo fair. As many countries have deconstructed their pavilions after the fair, there is a lot of space available.
However, you can still find some Expo pavilions left, like the ones of  Chile and  America, which is today used as a building of the University.

The Expo '92 fair considerably improved the Sevillian traffic infrastructure. An example of which is (23) Barqueta bridge, connecting the Cartuja peninsula to the center of Seville.

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