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Hotel Inglaterra located in the Plaza Nueva, between the shopping district, Cathedral and river. A view of the Plaza Nueva. The Hotel Inglaterra is just to the left of the statue in the center of the plaza.

We turn around and see the Ayuntamiento, or city hall of Seville.

Just down a side street is the restaurant and bar Sierra Mayor, known for it's cured meats and cheeses, as well as a large menu of other tapas and dishes.

We cross the avenue and walk another 2 minutes towards the Alfalfa quarter, and arrive at Iglesia Salvador. The church is undergoing renovations and archaeological excavations at the same time. It is one of the few projects in Europe which you can visit during the works.

We return to the other side of the Ayuntamiento and Plaza San Francisco. We see our next destination, the Giralda and Cathedral are just a minute from the plaza.

We arrive at the Puerta del Perdon and one of the details, a curved arch, which shows the Cathedral's origin as a mosque.

Passing through the Puerta del Perdon we find the Patio de Naranjos and a view of the Giralda and Cathedral.

Walking to the other side of the Cathedral we see the entrance to the Real Alcazar, with the Archivo de Indias to the right. We have arrived in just under 5 minutes walking from the hotel.

Leaving from the hotel, this time we walk towards the river. First stop is Taberna del Alabardero, just a few blocks away from the Hotel Inglaterra. The restaurants is famous in Seville. Operated by the School of Hostelry, visitors can enjoy an excellent three course lunch for a price of about 12 Euros.

We walk another 4 - 5 minutes and arrive at the Plaza de Toros, one of the most famous venues in all of Spain.

We turn to the right and walk another 3 minutes to arrive at the Torre del Oro. This was once the point of control for all who entered Seville via the Guadalquivir River. Just across the river are the neighborhoods of Los Remedios and Triana.

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