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Hotel Casa Imperial is situated between the Puerta Carmona and the Alfalfa neighborhoods. Just a few meters from the Hotel entrance we see the walls of the Casa de Pilatos on calle Imperial.

In just a one minute walk we arrive at the end of calle Imperial and the San Esteban church. During Semana Santa locals gather to watch the procession of this church because it has the smallest door, making it difficult work for the paso, or float, to enter and exit.

Turning to the left next to the church is a fruteria, a good place to shop for fresh fruit and vegetables.

Turning around and following calle San Esteban towards the Alfalfa we come across Casa de Pilatos.

Just behind the Casa de Pilatos we find the San Idelfonso church, just two blocks from Plaza Alfalfa.

A tile sign for calle Imperial as we take a right out of the hotel and follow calle Imperial in the other direction.

A minute stroll and we find ourselves in the Plaza de San Leandro, or the Pila del Pato as it is know to locals who have named it for the duck in the fountain. The Convento de San Leandro is just behind it.

From the Plaza we walk 3 minutes on calle Francisco Carrion Mejia and arrive at the Santa Catalina church. At one time the church was a mosque.

Turning to the right we find Supermercado Baco. The supermarket has a nice selection of gourmet foods as well as a butcher, deli and cheese service.

Finally we stroll behind the church to find El Rinconcillo, Sevilla's oldest bar, founded in 1670. A good selection of tapas can be found in the bar's "antique atmosphere". The new restaurant section of the bar recently opened upstairs.

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