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About a minute from the Hotel Abril we find the Plaza Encarnación and a local market selling fruits, vegetables, fish, meats and more.

We walk towards the central shopping district. Now about 4 minutes from the hotel we find the San Andrés church.

In the adjacent plaza we visit Bar Santa Marta, a good place for tapas or a meal. Lunch and dinner specialties include both meats and seafood, plus paella on the weekends.

Around the corner is La Campana, Sevilla's most famous and oldest destination for pastries, sweets and coffee. La Campana is about five minutes from the Hotel Abril.

Turning around we see the main pedestrian shopping streets in the commercial district.

Opposite La Campana is Plaza del Duque. Behind the trees is El Corte Inglés, a department store with a large supermarket on the bottom floor. The store stays open all day, from 10:00 to 22:00.

A booth in a market held in the same Plaza del Duque. Several days a week local artisans and craftsmen sell clothing, bags, jewelry and art in the plaza.

We now explore the other side of the city from the hotel, this time heading to the Feria market, "El Jueves" held each Thursday. The location is about 2 minutes walking from the hotel.

We backtrack, this time to the Santa Catalina neighborhood and El Rinconcillo, Seville's oldest tavern, founded in 1670. We are only 4 minutes from the hotel.

Inside El Rinconcillo we find one of the specialties being prepared: jamón serrano is being carefully cut into thin slices.

The finished product is served with a glass of wine.

Just next door to El Rinconcillo is the Santa Catalina church.

Inside the Santa Catalina church. The church is currently closed and will be completely restored.

We take a walk around the church with a view from the side of Juan de Mesa street. The church was formerly a mosque, as we can see from the windows in the church tower (formerly the minaret of the mosque)

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