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  Flamenco class at Taller Flamenco Sevilla
Seville, 16 February 2005

Eliane is taking her first Flamenco class in a beginners group at Taller Flamenco, which is one of the larger Flamenco schools in Seville.

Monica, together with Lidia and Carmen, is waiting for us in the office of TALLER FLAMENCO. "Has Eliane danced before?" No, today is her first contact with the Flamenco world. We show them some photos of other activities we have taken recently.

Dressing up as a Flamenca. The black skirt is a bit too narrow... She must change to the red one.

Lidia, the teacher of the class, and Eliane, changing into the appropriate footwear. We borrow a pair of black Flamenco shoes, size 38.

The first part of the class consists of warm up exercises.

At this point it looks more like aerobics than Flamenco. It reminds us of ski-gymnastics.

After working the large muscle groups we move to the smaller ones.

Now some basic steps. Eliane watches the feet next to her to get some clues.

This portion requires adjustments to the trousers or skirt.

Teacher and student show their footwork.

Taller Flamenco offers Flamenco dance courses for all levels as well as guitar, compás (rhythm) & palmas (clapping). The office and class rooms are located upstairs, while the ground floor is the location of the two dance studios and changing rooms. We appreciate the friendliness of their staff! Eliane enjoyed the class.

C/ Peral, 49
41002 Sevilla
Tel: (+34) 954 56 42 34
Fax: (+34) 954 56 40 66

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