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Seville, 13 Sep 2005

For the first time ever, the Champion's League comes to Seville. Real Betis classified for the European competition last season, and played their first match against last year's champion, Liverpool. The fans from Liverpool were in town to see their team narrowly escape with a victory. Result: Betis 1 - Liverpool 2.

A police presence and gates helped protect the Liverpool fans before the match, but was it necessary?

Some Betis fans have made their way around to the Liverpool queue. There seems to be some sort of heated discussion going on!

All is ok! The match hasn't started yet so things are very friendly between the two groups of fans.

It's time for the pre-match conversations to end and enter the stadium.

It's also time to finish your beer! No alcohol is allowed in the stadium as you can see by the trash left here.

Only five minutes until the start, so we push our way through the gates.

View from the North Goal just before the match.

The teams shake hands and the crowd is anticipating a good match.

Match time!

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