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Food: Mercado calle Feria

Seville, 08 September 2005

The food market in calle Feria is one of the oldest, and perhaps the most interesting to see in Seville.

The market is located just next door to Omnium Sanctorum church, on Feria street.

View of the entrance on calle Feria.

Many stands next to each other makes it easy to compare the quality and price of the products.

Here the fruit is fresh and nicely presented. With competition the vendors try their best to make everything look as good as possible.

A meat stand (carne). You will find the freshest meats Ė pork, beef and more Ė in the markets. They will cut it to your liking.

A second building is separated by a narrow street.

The fish stands are presented in one large open space, so the cleaning at 2 pm, will be easier. If you come late sometimes you can get a cheaper price...

Fish (pescado) of all shapes, colors and sizes.

Back to the street through the area with the fruit and vegetables.

The marketís own bar, La Cantina, is for many shoppers the last stand before going home. This space gets really packed around 1-2 pm, when people order the fresh fish from the market, grilled (a la plancha). We highly recommend the bar for a tapa of fish and a glass of beer. But itís only open at lunch time. You can find the bar tucked in between the market and the church wall.

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