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Nightlife in Betis street, Triana

Sevilla, 18 August 2005

Famous for itís nightlife, calle Betis has many bars and restaurants for tapas, a full meal or mixed drinks later in the evening.

Coming from the center of Seville we cross the bridge to Triana neigborhood. Just off the bridge youíll find bar El Faro de Triana, overlooking Betis street.

Down the stairs to Betis street we look back for a view of the bridge.

In the summer time Betis street is like one big terrace, with tables and chairs from the bars and restaurants lining the street. There are few places in Seville with such a view when dining out.

As in most of Seville in the summertime: the bars are empty, but the street is packed.

There are also areas without tables where people can sit on the river quay.

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